Old “news”

One might think Mike Baker of the Associated Press had a big scoop with his THREE PART EXPOSÉ! of LEOFF Plan 1 which ran recently in newspapers across the State of Washington and apparently in other states as well.

One might think that if they hadn’t read the same thing several times over the years beginning at least as early as 1976. Seriously, stories about the abuses related to LEOFF Plan 1 are the gift that just keeps on giving for the newspaper industry. Why write something new if you can just recycle what has already been written?

Recycle_Logo_by_Har1 (1)

From the June 17, 1976 edition of the Spokesman Review: State Pension System Claimed ‘Too Generous’

From the June 18,1976 Spokesman Review: City Officials Note Abuses

April 18, 1977 Spokesman Review: Pension Revision Moves

July 23, 1981 Spokane Daily Chronicle: Retirement Plan Change Sought

June 1, 1983 Ellensburg Daily Record: Fire-Police Retirement Provisions Increasingly Attacked

June 19, 1983 Spokesman Review: Police, Firemen Deny Disability Abuses

August 12, 2003 Tacoma News Tribune: LEOFF-1 Disability: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

August 23, 2006 Lewiston Trubune: Brewing: Clarkston Wants Other Entities to Help Pay Retirement Costs of Firefighters

March 19, 2009 Seattle Post Intelligencer: Cash Strapped King County Faces $67 Million Retiree Medical Bill



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